Strategy, negotiation, and stewardship—tailored to your needs.

Why MEDIALink?
We’ve worked both sides of the media fence, selling TV, radio and print for 17 years. Then buying for the next two decades, and still going strong! We thoroughly know the industry, keep current on new media and digital opportunities, and thrive on engagement with all brands of businesses. We are that missing link, that vital extension of your marketing department.

Media Planning
Research. Rating Points. Rates. Frequency. Reach. Cost Per Point. Cost per Thousand. Demographics. Qualitative. Relationships. We measure every proposed campaign in a variety of means to determine the ideal media, timing, and potential for the best results. Your company will always receive a customized, and innovative media strategy.

Media Buying and Negotiation
MEDIALink maintains active relationships with media personnel, resulting in strong campaigns and cost efficiencies. This network of knowledge saves you time and money, while minimizing possible mistakes. We work diligently to make every buy as comprehensive as possible, negotiating competitive rates and added value.

After the Buy
Once we put your media buy to work, our relationship has only just begun. We follow your campaign’s progress, providing monthly reports and tweaking for optimum performance. In addition, we carefully monitor your media budget, track invoices, and make sure we deliver what we promised.

Let’s Get Started
What media styles and methods will be successful for your business? Let’s discover that together.