ASA Eastern Fishing and Outdoor Expo

Client: ASA Eastern Fishing and Outdoor Expo

Location: Dover, NH

This client holds three- and four-day hunting and fishing consumer shows along the east coast with hundreds of vendors and tens of thousands of attendees. The expos include seminars, unique exhibits, and product and trip sales. Over the years, the locations have been in the Boston, New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Northern New Jersey, and Chicago markets. Medialink represented this client for 19 years until they were bought out by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) in 2016.

Several months before the winter shows, we bought airtime and negotiated added value in the client’s primary and secondary markets (men age 35 to 54 and families, respectively). Over our 19-year partnership, most shows saw an increase in traffic and sales.

Recommendations and Rationale:
In 2015, the Philadelphia show had dismal attendance and was facing cancellation. Before making a final decision, they decided to give Medialink a chance, a change from the local firm they had used for the previous ten years. We chose local news for its reach to the client’s market, abundance of inventory, and likelihood of an audience watching live. In addition, we bought on country and classic rock radio stations, which proved to be the best formats for the target audience. Buys were placed in radio primetime only, to capture their strongest listening audience and create frequency.

Value Added:
We provided added value on every buy, particularly with our radio partners. Promotions included on-air ticket giveaways with matched announcements, two-hour on-site appearances with the station’s vehicle (featuring giveaways and frequent promo spots), website banners, social media postings, e-blasts, news stories, DJ endorsements, and of course, no-charge commercials.

Not only was the Philadelphia show kept alive for another year, it had the best attendance and vendor sales in recent memory!

From the show director:
“Lori’s broadcast campaigns are negotiated as low as they can go, but the real difference is the results she achieves with them. She also asks for (and gets) lots of value added. Lori really works it. I’m completely convinced that she knows her trade well. Lori works passionately and very hard for us. She is a valued member of our team and a huge contributor to our events’ success.”